UCTECH School Counselors

  • The role of the school counselor is to be a strong advocate for each of our students and to help them become advocates for themselves. As part of our role as school counselors at UCTECH, we help students development academically and socially while guiding them to become productive, well-adjusted adults in the future. It is our responsibility to help students increase their knowledge about college and career readiness, to have high expectations for all students, and to challenge them accordingly. At UCTECH we firmly believe that planning for college success starts during the freshman year of high school. We will guide all students to take courses that are appropriate for their goals and interests. We also strongly encourage all students to become involved in extracurricular activities through which they can make important social and community connections.

    Our department is comprised of three school counselors assigned to students by program:

    Ms. Jennifer DiBiase x 896

    Programs: Exercise Physiology & Related Sciences, Teacher Education Academy, & Culinary Arts & Hospitality

    Mrs. Michelle Hauser x 895

    Programs: Academy for Clinical Care Sciences, School of Sustainable Sciences, Automotive Technology & Green Construction Technology

    Ms. Rachel Migliorini x 898

    Programs: Academy for Law & Justice, School of Design, & Cosmetology