• Club / Organization Advisor:

    Mr. Weiland & Mrs. Botti-Oels


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    Advisor Phone:

    Mr. Weiland ext 436 Mrs. Oels ext 868


Relay for Life (AIT/UCTech)


    CLASSROOM CODE:  vkdcnds


     2021-2022 Committee

    President: Vanya Funez (AIT/12)

     VP of Logistics -  Danielle Kang(AIT/12), Gabrielle Weiner (AIT/12), Isabella Xiong (AIT/12) 

    VP of Mission/Opening & Closing - Mia Pickton(UCT/11), Morgan Virgil(UCT/11)

    VP of Luminaria/Toy Drive:  Alicia Valenciano (UCT/11), Sofia Rodrigues ( UCT/11),

    VP of Spirit of Relay:Nhi Cu(AIT/12) Adriana Rupa (UCT/11)   Annabella Lamantia (UCT/11)

    VP of Activities - Sweksha Mehta(UCT/11), Mia Cardoso(UCT/11),

     VP of Decorations - Jessica Dianda(UCT/11) Melany Gonzalez(UCT/11) 

    VP of Kickoff/Community Outreach - Maggie Whitney(AIT/11) Rebecca Xiong (AIT 10) Colleen Horan(UCT/11)

    VP of Historian/Movie Crew: 

     VP of Fundraising: Ana Obradovic(AIT/10), Maya Balakumaran(AIT/10)

     VP of Communication/Public Relations - Gabriella Virga(UCT/11), Kelliann Keogh(UCT/ 11)

    Kean Liaisons: Rachel Villafranca(UCT/12)


     Important Dates

    Club Fair: 9/21-22
    RFL Kickoff: 11/24
    RELAY FOR LIFE: March 18-19, 2022