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Student Government (AAHS)

  • Student Government at AAHS represents each student's opportunity to have a voice.  All students are welcome at our bimonthly school meetings, which last approximately half an hour.  During these meetings, students can express their opinions and make suggestions about how to make our school a better place.  We strive to increase school spirit by hosting fun events and spirit days, and we raise money for scholarships, school improvement and social services.  If you have good ideas and want to make a difference, please join us!
    Your 2020 AAHS Student Government Officers:
    1. President - Hudson Dinh (grade 12)
    2. Vice President - Nicole Wilk (grade 12)
    3. Secretary - Lynsey Kim (grade 11)
    4. Treasurer - Karina Borysiak (grade 11)
    5. Public Relations - Brian Shi (grade 11)
    6. School Events - Ali Iloglu (grade 11)
    7. District Events - Catherine Royzman (grade 11)
    8. Service Chair - Casey Mendoza (grade 11)
    9. Peer Growth/PSA Liason - Maria Claudia Ramirez Aleman (grade 10)
    10. Art/Decorating Chair - Gracie Tran (grade 11)
    11. Technology Coordinator - Vyas Dhar (grade 11)
    12. Senior Class Representative - Jessica Lee (grade 12)
    13. Junior Class Representative - Emily Fernandez (grade 11)
    14. Sophomore Class Representative - Maya Dvorchik (grade 10)
    15. Freshman Class Representative - Genesis Maradiaga (grade 9)
    Attached is a link to our officer's welcome video.  Please watch and join student government!!
    Student Government Sign-up Sheet