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  • UCCTI is proud to offer a full-day transition program for self-contained special education students ages 18 to 21 who are seekinf additional skills before entering the workforce. This full day program will assist students in obtaining vocational training and marketable job skills. Students will also participate in workplace math, science, and employability classes. Eligible students may be placed in an internship or job shadowing experience.


    This week at UCCTI: the Interactive Media and Game Design I class moved theory to practice and developed fully functional board games. Following an iterative design process, students transmuted ideas to rough sketches, sketches to rapid paper prototypes, and paper to laser cut cardboard final prototypes! Along the way the students tested their games, refined their in-game assets (cards, player tokens, etc.), and detailed their final "release" versions. The finished games are an exciting assortment of themes, player objectives, resources, and gameplay! 

    UCCTI - Interactive Media and Game Design - Board Game Projects


UCCTI 2019-2020 Certificate Ceremony

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